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About HBPD

We are the HMS black postdoctoral (HBPD) fellows of the Harvard Longwood Medical campus. A network of postdocs throughout the Harvard Medical School community, created to promote a sense of connectedness while enabling the exchange of information and opportunities that will enhance the social wellbeing, research advancement, and professional development of its members.

This websites describes our upcoming events as well as research and funing opportunities. Also follow us on twitter @HMSBlackPostdocs


Adewale Adeluyi. BPharm, MPH, PhD
Aaron Moye, Ph.D.
Frankie Heyward, Ph.D.
Walatta Mesquitta, Ph.D.
Joshua Francois, Ph.D.
Tiki Hayes, Ph.D.
Yvon Woappi, Ph.D.
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Havard Medical School

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